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Straight Female, 45
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I’m out, not looking at all.

Happy, monogamous and not looking

Site Moderator doing her job. That’s all.          

Site Basics

1. The account holder must be in the media submitted.

2. All third parties cannot be identifiable. No faces, tats, identifying marks.

3. Offsite contact info, including references to offsite communication apps and websites can only be exchanged through private messages. 

4. Media must be an original. A picture of a camera or a picture of a screen showing an image is not considered an original. 

5. A vouch is to verify you’ve met the member, to provide assurance to other members. It is not a place to start a conversation.

Legit, this lifestyle is the most acceptant, fun and open group of people you’ll ever meet. But with that you’ll meet hurtful, insecure and drama inducing people. 

  Take your time, find your niche and listen to your gut. This is the place to trust your instincts.

  To the newbs, the first couple years can be hell. You’ll hear rumors and udder bullshit but please know, once you’ve established yourself and learn to be you despite the negativity, you’ll enjoy this place.     Also, displacing a common topic, you ABSOLUTELY CAN enjoy and participate in this lifestyle and not be physically involved. Voyeurism, exhibition, or you just want to watch and learn, this is all part of the LifeStyle.

nnIn, A

Unsolicited dick pics will get you blocked.


Adult parties


Single Trans Male
Age: 51 - 100
Distance: 250 miles