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Over 90 days ago
Straight Male, 48
Straight Female, 46


We are now back and playing


There are a couple of things that we encounter on swingers heaven that we feel are a bit unsavoury to us.

The number one is


Pay attention!

There is only two types of single male profiles on swingers heaven, the ones that we have already blocked and the ones that we are going to block 

We spend way too much time on this, but don’t worry, We will get to you eventually 

Single guys,,  unless you come to (xxx) a group we are not permitted to display here for copyright reasons your no chance of getting near Barbie . 

The 2nd thing is -

*****NO MEDIA*****

If you don’t have photos we are not at all interested in your profile, post photos or get off.

The number 3 is

••••SIZE ••••

Size is relative, you say medium but really it’s large. You won’t fool anyone if you lie about it 


We are both completely smooth, we have had both Lazer and IPL permanent hair removal treatments and the results are so smooth and sexy, pubic hair is an awful turn off, it’s ugly , dirty and disgusting in our view.

Have a nice day 

KenandBarbie xxxxxx


Adult parties
Erotic writing
Gang bangs
Group sex
Making videos
Oral sex
Outdoor sex
Phone sex
Role play
Straight sex


Single Female
Male / Female Couple
Age: 18 - 57
Distance: 2000 miles