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Mount Freaky-Deeky
Rialto, CA, United States




Our Saturday night parties are once a month.

Our Wednesday parties are every other week.

Go to our website for the dates.

We have been providing very sexy and fun swing parties for over 10 years. We have thrown swing/adult parties in Beverly Hills, Leimert Park, Studio City, Paramount, Las Vegas, Downtown Los Angeles, Henderson, and Rialto. Where ever the party is located you are sure to find an uninhibited, fun and sexy environment. We usually throw parties once a month, so check the 'Upcoming Parties' section for the details on our next event. If you have been to any of our parties than you know how much fun they are, if not come on out we love to see new faces! The "donations" are always reasonable as we don't do this to make a fortune just for the fun of it! Hope to see you soon! Mount Freaky-Deeky

We believe this lifestyle is about having fun, while being open and accepting of other people. 

Unlike other groups we do not have embedded cliques and/or factions that you have to deal with. Our guests are attractive, open-minded and approachable. Our parties are about having fun; not about judging people, sticking up your nose at people or demeaning people. If you feel the need to do this you will not be welcome at our parties and you may need to find another place to party.

We are a fun loving group with no drama or issues, so as long as you come with a good attitude and are ready to have a good time you will be fully accepted and truly enjoy yourself. Also, our parties have plenty to offer with clothes on as well as off.

Our parties are very versatile. Meaning that they are perfect for newcomers as well as those more experienced in the lifestyle. We feel that in this lifestyle it is good to be around people you know and are comfortable with, but it is also more fun when you get to mingle and have fun with new people (isn't that what it's all about). Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing a very comfortable atmosphere for newcomers, while still providing a perfect setting for those more experienced.

All our parties are on premises and we also have VIP parties (contact us for more information on the VIP parties).

Our parties are open to all races, creeds and nationalities; though you must be 21 years of age or older (No exceptions).

Click 'upcoming parties' on the left to get information on our next event.

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Our Saturday night parties are once a month.

Our Wednesday parties are every other week.

Go to our website for the dates.

We look forward to seeing you real soon!