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Phoenix, AZ, United States




Q. What kind of crowd frequents Club Encounters?
A. Sunday through Thursday early in the evenings is when the club tends
to get more traditional swingers. In the late hours and on the weekends
the club seems to see a younger diverse after hours dance crowd.

Q. Does the club have private rooms? Are they extra?
A. Yes the club has many private rooms, and no they are inclusive to the 
one time cover fee.

Q. Do we have a live DJ? What kind of music is played?
A. Yes and he plays requests. During the week and early hours
we play a broad array of rock, country and Hip Hop. Late night 
on the weekends we spin more R&B and Hip Hop.

Q. Is it easy to meet people?
A. It can be, usually it depends on a persons outgoing qualities just 
like any night club.

Q. What can I expect inside?
A. A clean safe environment to meet new people, dance, watch videos,
and check out private rooms or the Jacuzzi. It's basically like any other 
nice club with an open mind atmosphere.

Q. Is it private? Safe?
A. Yes, our club is technically a private establishment, and membership is built into the
cover charge. We always have plenty of security and promote a safe and fun time.

Q. Do you serve alcohol? What can I drink?
A. We do not serve alcohol, and sell juice, Red Bull, non-alcoholic beer, soda along with
a free hot-cold food buffet to keep you going into the late hours.

Q. Can I leave and come back inside once I pay?
A. Yes, all patrons can come and go as they desire once inside.

Q. Is the facility clean?
A. Extremely, we always pass health inspections with flying colors and set the
standard for other clubs.