Colette New orleans New Orleans, LA, United States

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Colette is an upscale on premise club in New Orleans.
Several highlights include:
Dance Floor
Stripper Pole
Private rooms
Semi Private rooms
Voyeur room
Group room
Theater room
Shower facility

Please BYOB.
We have a full service bar with complimentary mixers.

How do we get invited to your club? 
You do not need an invitation. Just come on out during club hours, fill out a membership application, pay and come on in!! 

Can I come to the club to get a membership? 
Yes. You must come to the club in order to apply for membership. An application will need to be filled out and you must have ID. Upon review by our staff and payment of the membership fee, we will provide you with your membership. The entire process takes only a few minutes and then you are welcome to enjoy our facilities. 

What should I wear? 
Most people dress as though they are going to a nightclub. People familiar with the lifestyle tend to dress a little bit more risque, such as lingerie, short/tight dresses, etc. However, you may wear WHATEVER you are comfortable in. 

It's our first time. What should we expect? 
The most important thing to understand is that nothing is ever expected of you. You may simply dance, talk, or watch. We have many regulars that do just that. Of course, if you decide to partake, that's OK too! Our members are very respectful creating a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere. You are ALWAYS in control. 

What are the members like? 
Our members range in age from 21-60; most are professionals. Our clients are very friendly and respectful, creating an atmosphere that is easy to feel comfortable in. 

Are people aggressive or pushy? 
No. Our club members are very respectful of one another. 'No' means just that, 'no'. We have never had to ask anyone to leave due to inappropriate behavior, but will do so if necessary. 

What time should I arrive? 
As early as possible! 

What are the various nights like? 
We allow single men every night, excluding Saturdays (which are reserved for couples only). There is usually about the same amount of singles as couples. There are always a handful of single women in attendance also. 

wednesday/Thursday: 9pm - 2am; Friday and Saturday: 9pm - 4am
please check the calendar for exact dates 
Single men are admitted Wednesday/Thursdays and Fridays; single women are welcome ALL nights.