Club Share Nation Long Island, NY, United States

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Club ShareNation is a member-only club for likeminded singles and couples less than five minutes away from New York City. Club ShareNation caters to singles on Friday nights and couples-only on Saturday nights. The near 6,000 square ft (and growing) upscale club is diverse with membership ranging from age 21 to 50; the venues are quality, professionally managed by likeminded couples just like you, ultimately resulting in lasting memories. 

If you're seeking the typical "New York Swinger Party" scene, our members might not be a right-fit for you. Attendees should expect a different vibe at Club ShareNation, filled with a base of members who each day are transforming the lifestyle.

Club ShareNation is a member of the National Association of Social Clubs. Club ShareNation networks with an all-national base of on-premise club owners and participates in a shared services plan. If you are traveling to New York, please visit our location. If you are traveling to any other city, let Club ShareNation introduce you to our lifestyle club friends who will roll out the red carpet for you. 

Thank you for considering Club ShareNation. Not only are we a club destination, but with our largest expression of gratitude, we appreciate the chance at being part of your lifestyle journey.