What do I get when I pay?

When you upgrade your membership to be a Silver Member, you will have full access to the following:

- Full Chat Room access (2 cams)
- Full mailbox features (contact and reply to members!)
- Full access to the Instant Messenger (reply to messages!)
- Access to all Photos and Videos (adult and non-adult)
- Create Videos on your profile
- Invite and Access Private Galleries
- Contribute Posts on the Forums
- Add Swinger Clubs reviews
- Create and Join Events and Groups

Plus many more features to follow!

As an additional option to Silver Membership, with Gold you get:

- Highlighted Advert listings
- Larger Video Playback
- Additional Web Cam access (5 cameras in total)
- For couples, joint access to the chat room
- Larger High Definition Web Cam view
- Profile Genie (see who has viewed your profile)
- Additional Wink options
- Custom Profile Themes
- High Priority Support