Messaging How-to Guide

This article provides a brief understanding of the messaging system (launched February 2022) and covers the following:

Sending A Message

To access all of your messages, select the messages envelope icon from the top navigation menu.

From your messages, to send a new message select the '+ New Message' option.

Type in the username of the member that you would like to contact.

Select the member.

Type your message.

Select 'Send' to send the message.

Sending Media In Messages

You can send media in your messages to members for private viewing. Open the media option by selecting the 'camera' icon.

Choose your media that you would like to send.

Note: If you have recently uploaded new media, it may be required that a member of our team needs to approve it before it becomes available.

Sending Invites

You can easily send invites to members using the messaging options. To do this, open the invites menu, select the '+' icon.

Select the invite that you would like to send.

Sent And Received Invites

Invites that have been sent or received through the messages system will appear in your message history as shown below.

Note: Depending on the member's choice, invites can be temporary or permanent.

New Messages

If you have any new messages to view, the message will be displayed in bold text with a new message indicator dot.

Unread Messages

Sent but unread messages will be shown with a grey tick icon indicator.

Read Messages

Received and read messages will be shown with a double tick icon indicator.

Delete A Message

To delete a message, select the message that you would like to remove and choose the 'Delete' option.

Reporting, Deleting And Blocking A Message

Every message has the ability to report, delete, or delete and block a message. These tools are in place for the protection of members and should not be misused.

Whilst viewing the message that you would like to report, delete, or delete and block, select the '3 dots' icon from the message menu and choose your option.

Report: this option will give you the ability to submit a report to our team of moderators who will investigate what you have said and the content of the message(s). This option is confidential.

Delete: this option will delete the message.

Delete & Block: this option will also delete the message and also block the other member so you will not receive any other messages from that member in the future.

Note: If you are in a group message with a blocked member, those messages will still appear visible.

Starring A Message

Starred messages can be kept safe and untouched for future reference. To star a message, simply select a message and then choose the 'Star' option.

The same action again can be made to remove the starred mark on the message.

Viewing Starred Messages

As the above explains, a starred message is safeguarded in your message history and can be quickly accessed. To do this, choose the 'three dots' menu item and select 'Starred Messages'.

Wink Settings

Winks are a quick fire way of reaching out to another member who you are interested in talking to. Winks are sent by browsing a profile and selecting 'Wink', however, in order to access your wink settings, you do this through the messages section.

To review your wink settings, from the messages menu, select the 'three dots' icon and choose 'Wink Settings'.

In the Wink settings you can customise the wink message that you are sending or enable a wink auto-responder, if you prefer to receive a personalised message.

Search Messages

Remember something from your message history but can't recall who or when it was sent? In the messages section, you can select the 'search' icon which will scan through your existing messages for matches.

New Group Message

You can send group messages to members of your choosing. To do this, from the messages section, select 'New Group Message'.

Add the users that you would like to be included in the group message.

Once you have selected the chosen members for the group, select 'Add Group Details'. Additional members can be added after the group has been created but they won't be able to see the message history.

Enter the group name and add a group icon from your media collection (optional).

Select 'Create Group Message'.

Message Group Information

You can review the message group information by selecting the 'three dots' icon from the menu and then choosing 'Group Info'.

If you're the message group owner, you can make any amendments to the message group, review the members who are in the message, and add additional members using the actions available.