Creating a group

You can create your own group on the site on practically any subject, football related, what's going on in the latest TV show, or for users from a certain region.

Start your own group

You can start your own group by mouse clicking Groups in the top menu of site, listed under Entertainment. Using the form at the top of the page you can customise the privacy of the group, the group name, what the group is about and add a logo if you wish to do so.


There are three types of privacy options:

Public - this means that any one can join your group.
Invite-only - this option is available if you want to invite users to your join, they will not be able to join by any other way.
Private - users looking to join a private group must be approved by the group creator first otherwise they will not be granted entry.


This is the name of your group. It may be worth considering researching the existing groups in case the one you are looking to create a group, or something similar, already exists.


Writing a description about your group is useful for users to read for them to consider whether the group is what they are looking for or they are interested in.

Group logo

You can add a group logo to your group by mouse clicking the 'Ad Files' button to locate the relevant file on your computer. The file will need to be in a valid JPG / JPEG / GIF / PNG format.

Once you are happy with the group set up, mouse click 'Create'. The group won't be added to the site straight away, it will be sent to the site staff to approve which shouldn't take any longer than 24 hours.