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Our New Fuck Buddies

"After a year, we finally met our new swinging partners. And we weren't disappointed."
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Frannie and I met Lee and Nancy on one of the swinger sites. We hit it off very quickly, and soon we were chatting practically every day, sometimes trading pics and videos, sometimes just normal chatting. After having encountered so many fake couples, it was refreshing to find someone real that we really hit it off with. We had talked about a real-time meeting for months, but due to our busy schedules, it just wasn’t in the cards, as they lived a little over five hours away. Frannie and I had a weekend free, and decided to look for a place not too far away for a quick get-away weekend. We found a nice little place in Asheville, NC, with cabins on the river. The pictures online were very scenic, and we booked a cabin. Talking with our friends, we mentioned the weekend we were going, and invited them. To our delight, they were free that weekend also and accepted our invitation. It was perfectly situated the exact same difference for both of us, about two and a half hours. We got up early on our departure day, excited to actually meet our friends in person. We talked about it all the way up, both of us getting horny just talking about it. Frannie used to give me “road head” on trips, but that was in our younger days. I don’t think I’m coordinated enough for that anymore, but I was hard and she did rub me several times, me returning the favor with my hand in her panties. We got there about an hour before Lee and Nancy. The pictures didn’t do it justice; the place was beautiful. The cabin had a big front porch, with a large cushioned swing overlooking a scenic river. I knew that Lee and Nancy liked outdoor sex, and already started with possible scenarios that could happen. Perfect. They arrived as we were finishing unpacking, and we greeted them with a hug and a kiss. Neither of us had lunch, so we went into town to eat and look around, then got back to our cabin late afternoon, right about dusk. It didn’t take long for things to heat up. There were two couches in the main area, and Frannie sat next to Lee while I motioned for Nancy to sit next to me. We were all cozy with each other’s spouses, and I soon found myself making out with Nancy. Our tongues found their way into each other’s mouth, and the kissing was sensual and erotic. We stopped momentarily to look across the room, to find Lee and Frannie doing the same thing. Satisfied that all four of us were comfortable with what was happening, I turned my full attention back to Nancy. I continued kissing her, my hand moving up her shirt to feel her warm breasts. Her nipples were hard…and so was I. Our hands were moving all over each other, her hand finally feeling my rigid cock through my pants, and mine feeling the warm, wet juices of her pussy. I stopped kissing her again, and we both looked over at Lee and Frannie and they were already out of their clothes, Lee standing and Frannie eagerly sucking his cock. We watched them for a minute, until Frannie got on the couch on all fours, Lee moving in behind her and began fucking her pussy hard from behind. I could tell Nancy was turned on, as she quickly unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and proceeded to give me a fabulous blow job. She was very orally talented. I glanced over at the other two, and they were watching us while not missing a beat with their fucking frenzy. I lifted Nancy to her feet, fully undressed her and began to reciprocate the pleasure she was giving me. I kissed her again momentarily, then moved to her breasts and started sucking her erect nipples. Her eyes were closed, and I could tell she was enjoying the attention. My fingers were exploring her pussy at the same time, and her moans turned me on to no end…as were the moans coming from the other side of the room. I decided to take it to the next level, and whispered to Nancy, “let’s go outside.” I knew she would like that, and she smiled as we headed out the door. We glanced at Lee and Frannie on our way out, and they were already in another position. Lee was fucking Frannie’s huge tits, and on every upstroke she would take Lee’s cock in her mouth. What a sexy sight! When we got to the large swing outside, I had Nancy sit down with one leg on the floor, and the other on the back of the swing. I just had to taste her pussy, and I devoured her for the next 15 minutes or so. Hearing her moan and watching her writhe as I tongue-fucked her, almost made me cum. I was so hard and throbbing, I couldn’t wait to feel her soaking wet pussy on my cock. We got up and moved to a porch chair, and I sat down, my hard cock pointing straight up, twitching, and facing me, she lowered herself onto my dick. She was a very horny woman, and I was the beneficiary! She rode me hard, bouncing up and down on my dick, taking my whole length in and out of her furiously. I didn’t think either of us would last much longer, and I wanted to get in one more position before we finished. I led her back to the porch swing, this time laying her down flat, legs spread wide, and I entered her again. I fucked her hard, sometimes sucking her tits as I did, sometimes hard-kissing her. It only took a few moments, and she yelled out, “I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” I kept pounding her till her violent orgasm subsided, then pulled out and shot my cum all over her stomach and tits. We rested for a moment, then went back inside. We got in just in time to see Lee and Frannie finishing up. Frannie was leaned over the back of the couch, Lee holding her hips and fucking her pussy fast and hard. She was moaning and announcing her orgasm, and as soon as she did, Lee pulled out and shot his big load onto her back. Sexy! After they recovered, I pointed to all the cum on Frannie and said, “Well, looks like you two had a great time!” Lee smiled, pointed at all the cum dripping off of Nancy’s tits, and said, “So did you guys!” We all cleaned up, poured some wine, and enjoyed the rest of the evening on the front porch. The next day was just as hot…in a different way.

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