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Our First Swing Club

"His breath got faster and was synched with my gasps of pleasure."
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7 min
3 weeks ago
Part One - Excited, nervous, and very curious. That's how my hubby and I felt on our way to our first swing club. At the hotel we showered, shaved (everywhere), I lotioned up my body to get my skin extra soft, did my hair combing it back and teasing it just right, put on a sweet pink lip gloss, a light eye shadow, and my finger and toenails were done by my beautician back home. I put on my new lacey thong and decided not to wear a bra that night. My nipples were sticking straight out and pressed against my white silky blouse. I put on a nice black shimmery short skirt, the kind that barely covers your ass, and finished it off by putting on a new pair of six inch heel clear bottom shoes. My husband wore his nice slacks, shoes, and nice shirt with an open collar. We were so turned on with anticipation. We'd spoken to a couple we met on-line and had planned to meet at the hotel parking lot to follow them out to the club. When we met them there were two other couples in their van all dressed up to party. We said our hellos and hugged one another. The husband was Hispanic and kept telling me how hot I was and couldn't wait to get together with me that night. He wasn't lying. As he hugged me close he reached around, pulled up my dress, and slid his hand down in between my ass cheeks. It took me by surprise and my husband watched on with a big smile. I could feel the man's cock get hard and rub against me. The other couples said hello and we jumped in our vehicles to go to the club. Once we got there we got the tour and had to show our ID to prove we were married and sign up to join the club. We paid our fees and walked in. To the right was a dance floor with a DJ and a stage that had a pole in the middle of the floor. People were sitting around in booths and watching a woman poll dance. She was topless and it appeared her husband was standing off to the side watching her. It was a super sexy site. The couples we came in with went into the play area off to the left. They told us to come in when we were ready to play. It was a BYOB set up so we took our Grey Goose vodka back to the bar and threw back a couple of drinks to loosen up. We sat down and a moment later a nice looking couple as to sit down with us. We immediately hit it off with them. He was an older guy and she was about our age, early forties. She was coming on to both me and my husband and the older gentlemen was rubbing and caressing my hand as he spoke to me. He said he thought Latin women were so sexy and although his lady wasn't latina she was extremely sensual and could be very aggressive when making love. After about fifteen minutes of getting to know each other they asked us if we wanted to go into the playroom. I reached down and my hubby's cock was hard as a rock and I was getting wetter by the second. We told them yes and followed them in. We walked around and enjoyed the sights for a bit. Our new group of friends were up in the large room. All naked and all writhing around on the mattresses together. The latin man was on his back with a grinding pussy in his mouth and his cock was getting worked over by two of the wives. I didn't realize just how big his cock was until that moment. He had at least a nine inch cut cock and I nice set of balls. I pointed it out to my husband and he just said "Boy are you gonna to get it tonight!" We just laughed and followed our couple. They grabbed a handful of towels and led the way up a small set of stairs to a large mattress with a rail around it. Basically it was right in front of the entrance to the play area and was only about five feet up off of the floor. Anyone walking by would be able to see everything happening. The woman started by making out with me. Her lips and tongue were amazing. She really liked women and it showed. My husband and her man sat back to the opposite sides and disrobed. I don't even remember my clothes coming off but she and I were both completely naked and eating each other's pussy. It was incredible. My pussy was aching for more. She pivoted her body to where I was still munching away but she was now sucking my hubby's cock. Then I felt his tongue inside me. Then a finger, then two, then three, then four, he was stretching me out and I soon found out why. His cock was so fucking big. It must have been ten inches long and as thick as a Redbull can. I was moving away from him as he slowly worked it in. I have to admit after that large mushroom head slide inside me it felt amazing. Pain and pleasure. A wave of it hitting me as he slowly moved in and out. His wife moved off of me unto my hubby's cock and was riding him for all he was worth. He was enjoying her pussy immensely . As her ass bounced off of his pelvis he watched as I took that man's cock all the way in. He was gentle and always asking if I was okay. At that point I was just making sounds and after about five minutes he knew I was getting close. He asked if I wanted more and all I could do was reach back and take his ass in my hands to urge him on. He slide his arms under each leg and lifted them up towards my shoulders as he inched out, then pumping slowly he moved further inside me until I could feel his balls touch my ass. I couldn't believe it was all in me. He asked do you want me to fucked you hard. Through my gasps and as the sweat beaded down across my tits I just said "Please." He laid down on top of me letting go of my legs and reached in behind to slip is his middle finger into my ass. I was a little surprised of the sensation. It was warm and his finger went in smooth. It must have been my juices and his precum lubricating it. It felt wonderful. Then he raised up his hips and began to thrust in and out. At this point my eyes were rolling back into my head. I barely heard the wife cumming all over my hubby's cock. His breath got faster and was synched with my gasps of pleasure. I came hard and he still kept fucking. I stifled myself from crying out as I came again and he fingered my ass faster as he began to jerk and twitch. I could feel him flowing inside me. He pulled his finger out of my ass and I almost came a third time. I thought he was done but he then lifted one of my legs up across him and rolled me over sideways with his cock still throbbing in me. Now behind me he kept pumping into my drenched pussy. I was facing my husband and his wife who was still laying on top of him watched us still coupled. Our bodily fluids mixed and slow dribbled out of my hot, wet pussy. He rubbed my tits, played with my nipples, and kissed sweetly on my necked while he slowly slide out of me. It was only 10 o'clock and I was a wonderful mess. As we lay there we heard the sounds of moaning, a little little scream of pleasure here and there, and the slapping of ass as people continued fucking all around us. We then noticed a man standing over the bed watching us as well as two couples who apparently saw the whole thing. It just made it more amazing. The night had just begun and the three hours it took us to drive there was already worth it but would be even more fantastic as the night went on. We all took showers, swapped telephone numbers, and went back into the playroom to see what else was waiting for us. Part 2 coming soon.....

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