Written by Anonymous

Oct 2, 2019

I live in a very nice residential area. Big house, garden, swimming pool. But when your husband travels so much, it is not just the finer things in life you crave. The boredom was setting in and I knew exactly what I wanted. The months leading up to this experience were a build up of sexual energy. I started buying more daring lingerie; my favourite being a pair of crotchless panties and a sheer black bra my nipples protruded from. When my husband was away I would be fucking myself with my dildo and a small vibrator more and more. All the time I knew what I really wanted, a real cock. I became more daring too. I would often wonder into my garden totally naked and swim, then recline on the sun lounger and play with myself. I was hoping for a reaction from someone, but it never happened the way I had dreamt up.

One sunny afternoon I walked out into the garden wearing just a pair of skimpy panties and took a dip then went to the lounger where I had left my thick black dildo. This one is my favourite, it really stretches my pussy and I think of a big black cock fucking away at my pussy. It really gets me going. I started by pulling the panties to one side and then applying a bit of oil around my pussy and the tip of the dildo then I edged it into myself whilst playing with my clit. I was super wet and my nipples stood proud with my arousal. I pushed the black tool in me further and started to fuck myself with long deep slow strokes. It was awesome and I started to moan lightly with the fantasy of being fucked this way. I was really enjoying this when I suddenly heard a noise, I opened my eyes to seethe pool guy placing down some equipment and a bucket. He had turned around and I could not believe he hadn’t seen me. But he was returning to his van for more equipment for the pool. What do I do now I thought? Run in.....I stayed exactly where I was, a whole new feeling came over me like a new wave of excitement. I closed my eyes and continued to fuck the dildo in myself. He’d be back and I wanted him to see me.

I settled into a nice rhythm with my pussy now even wetter and my moaning and grunting increased being even more turned on. I heard him arrive back but kept my eyes shut and didn’t hear a thing for a while. I took a peak and saw him just on the other end of the pool with his shorts around his ankles and masturbating away at his big dick. It was beautiful, much bigger than my husband’s, and thick, with a huge bell-end head on it. Fuck, I wanted that cock in me right there and then. I stood up and looked directly at him and smiled. He stopped wanking and almost froze, but I smiled directly at him again as I stepped out of my panties revealing my trimmed bush. I then got on my back and held my legs up and wide revealing my whole cunt to him and inviting him to fuck it with that huge tool in his hand. He walked around the pool quickly, removing his T-shirt as he did and arriving at the foot of the sun-lounger totally naked too. I pulled my legs slightly wider and without any words he knelt and started to feed his cock into me. I moaned loudly as he did, staring at his dick as it entered me, stretching me wide. It was a pleasurable pain almost and my whole body felt as though it was electrified. I was having my first orgasm and Ooooogh, it was soooo nice.

All this time he had not said a word either, steadily building a rhythm he fucked me with long strokes, my cunt feeling completely filled by his girth. I could feel his balls slapping against me at the end of each stroke. They felt heavy as he moved faster against me and I spread my legs even more so to feel as much of him in me as possible. I could tell by the grunts he made he was close and building up to cum. I was too, my own groans of total sexual pleasure were increasing and I whispered, “fuck it baby, cum in me, fuck that load deep in me...”. He pushed harder and harder and I was almost screaming as we cum together. It was so fucking wonderful, I could feel his huge cock pulsating inside me as he emptied his huge balls and filled my cunt with his semen. He stayed in me momentarily and then slowly pulled out of me, his cock glistened with the sunlight off his wet cock. A mix of his cum and my pussy juices. My fingers went down to my pussy and I orgasmed again as I touched myself, it had been the most wonderful fuck I ever had.

Thursday afternoon sex sessions are a regular thing now. I look forward to choosing my lingerie and we mostly fuck in my bed. His cock is so wonderful, I love it!