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We are volunteering to lead the group for a club we are members of. Its called Club 101 in Dayton. Its a social club for swingers, kinksters, couples , singles, anyone looking for a quick hookup in a respectful , friendly environment. We are an interracial couple, im white she is black, everyone is accepted and respected there. Theres a pool table , a t.v. Area , lockers to change into something sexy, or take it all off and bring a lock to store in locker you personal items. Also a bdsm room, rooms up and downstairs to use. A lounge area that gives a great view of the dance floor that has a stripper pole, a dj booth i help with, tell me what to play, theres a kitchen area to store anything you bring , alcoholic beverages are allowed, Its a good place to come relax , meet people, do your thing , and have fun. Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to come, we are there every Friday and Saturday night. Friday May 28th's theme is t.g.i.f, and Saturday May 29th's theme is peek a boo, which means see through lingerie. So do you plan on coming out and joining the fun? There will be a prize given to the sexiest lingerie outfit. It's finally heating up, so get over to the club , meet the sexy people there and have a great time. Or you can stay on here, hoping to find someone . Things actually happen at Club 101, so who's joining us tonight?