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Looking for cuckold bull

Straight Female, 55 · Straight Male, 60
Shreveport, United States
Hi were looking for an interracial hookup this weekend for me in shreveport we will accommodate at local casino need handsome well endowed black guy for videos and hot wife experience will accommodate 1 to three people the more the merrier for bbc bukakke video

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hi we are new to the scene would like to meet couples and single guys for Joyce to do videos with were wanting to meet couples for the two of us to hang out with and single men for videos with Joyce please contact us to take Joyce out for a night of videos and total submission or couples contact the both of us for a nice meet and greet to see where things go any suggestions to the lifestyle are welcome
Joycemichael 1 ·
Straight Female
Age 55
Height 5' 5"
Build Slim
Assets -
Drink When I'm out
Smoke Average amount
Joycemichael 2 ·
Straight Male
Age 60
Height 6' 0"
Build Medium
Assets -
Drink When I'm out
Smoke I don't