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Dogging in North Carolina

Main dogging sites and directions for North Carolina.

Chapel Hill North

Chapel Hill north walking trail is a great place. Lots of younger males waiting for the chance, I have seen some couples lately

Dogging Destiny


'Got a large place in the center of Concord. Circular driveways, oak trees, large grassy areas to get your dogging on under the stars. Nice house for more extensive play. Bring it on!

Charlotte airport overlook


From 77 go West on 85 to Little Rock (exit 32) Take left and then right at the fork. Continue forward 1-2 mile. Past the weekly parking and past the tight turn in the road. Watch on you left. Always be careful.

Kela is a Drive in Morganton


With multiple dead end roads and an older crowd the strets there are just becoming known to a few couples in cars. the new fad going around the texts is to find a street in morganton actually called lovers lane and get your fuck on. during the day no one