Perch and Meyer

On the corner of Perch and Meyer ( turn down Perch near The Raft and go all the way to the end).

Little spot with space for a couple of cars.

Also a small parking area just down the road and some could take a short walk.

Semi secluded if you duck into the woods a bit, often overgrown in summer but easy to make a path.

Best late at night but as long as no one stops to walk their dog it is also good during the day.

If you park up the street and walk down here there is probably less chance of being noticed than if a few cars were parked right there.

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the exit resterant 10:00 pm

take I-75 north to birch run make a left off the e way it will be about a block on the left side of the road. go behind the building (this place is open 24 hours every day) it is surrounded by hotels and at the back is a lot of woods so it is safe. friday ... View All Comments

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