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I've never cum so hard...hubby is full of surprises!


8 minute read

One thing I can say about hubby, he constantly amazes me at how creative he is in getting me aroused and making me cum. Yesterday was no exception. Before he left for work, he gave me explicit instructions. He usually gets home around 6:00, so he told me to be fuck-ready by then. He wanted me in the bed, naked, blindfolded, playing with myself so I would be wet and ready for him, by 5:45. He told me that he didn't want me to say anything, or ask any questions when he came through the door. Just naked, wet, blindfolded and quiet. I did my errands that I needed to do throughout the day, but I couldn't stop thinking about what was to come. What was he going to do? Why did he want me quiet? Why the blindfold? I didn't need to wait till then to get wet...I stayed wet all day long! I couldn't wait to get into bed. At 5:40 I cleaned up, got undressed and in bed. I played with my pussy as my mind tried to imagine what was to come. I was so wet and excited! I heard the front door open at 5:50 and tied the blindfold over my eyes. I spread my legs and tried to look as inviting as I could. I heard him come in the bedroom. I didn't say a word. I heard him unbuckle his belt and drop his pants to the floor, then the quiet sound of the rest of his clothes coming off. He walked over to me and knelt on the bed, and his fingers began to trace all the curves on my body, slowly and lightly. He circled my nipples, then brought his fingers to my mouth, which I took in and suckled. He then leaned over and kissed me, slowly, erotically, and long. His tongue parted my lips then invaded my mouth. After about 5 minutes, he left my mouth and tasted my entire body with his tongue, finally ending up at my pussy. I was so aroused, after playing with myself and then him doing all he was doing, that I thought I would cum as soon as his lips touched my clit. But I held off, not wanting this to end. He licked all around my pussy, periodically darting his tongue as deep as he could into me. He sucked my clit, vibrating his lips with a slight hum, driving me insane. I was just about to cum, when he moved off of me. I couldn't see where he was going, and he wasn't saying anything either. No direction, nothing. Suddenly, I felt his cock against my lips. I took him in, and sucked his cock for all I was worth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, and stroked him as I sucked. His hand moved down to my pussy, which was soaking to the point of running onto the sheets. After a few minutes of this, he moved again. I so wanted, needed, to be fucked now. I felt crazy horny, and wanted his big dick inside me. I wasn't let down. He placed the swollen head of his cock at my entrance, and moved it up and down on my clit. Oh, please, please put it in me! As if he could read my mind, he began to slowly invade my wet hole. His cock was filling me fully, and he began to speed up his thrusts. I wrapped my legs around him so I could feel every inch of his thrusting manhood. I so wanted to scream out, "YES, FUCK ME!", but I kept quiet. He reached up and pinched my nipples as his thrusts became harder. Just as I was about to cum, I felt his warm, creamy deliciousness spurting into me. He continued pounding and I grabbed the sheets as my own orgasm rippled through my body. Oh my gosh, I came so hard that I thought I would just die right there, happy and fulfilled. As he was pulling out, I heard the front door open, and a voice I had heard thousands of times. "Hi honey, I'm home!" "I can't believe you did that", I said as hubby walked in the bedroom. "Are you mad?", he asked. "Well, no...actually, the more I think about it, the more turned on I get. I can't believe you pulled that off, though." "Well, it wasn't easy", he replied. "I spent months searching for the right guy. I interviewed about 10 guys before I settled on him. You know your safety is the most important thing to me! I felt this guy was right, but to be sure we met about 5 times so I could get a good vibe on him. We talked for hours." "You chose well, honey! He did a great job! But next time, can I lose the blindfold? I want to see who's fucking me!", I giggled. "I don't know, honey. I think this was a one time thing. Besides, he's from out of town. He told me he enjoyed doing this, and you, but he doesn't come down this way very often. So, as long as it took me to find him, I don't think I can go through the discovery process again!" He sounded resolute. "Well, you certainly surprised me, honey. And you won't believe how hard I came!" "Well, how about we do this. We'll try this again tomorrow night, but I promise you it won't be him. He's already gone back to California, and I didn't like any other guys--so that's that. How about you doing the same thing as I asked you to do horny and ready for me when I walk in the door, blindfolded, naked, and no talking. You can pretend it's him from last night," he giggled. "It's a date!", I told him. Again, I stayed horny all day, probably even more so than the day before. I kept thinking about last night, and was excited to see what hubby was going to do to me to top that. The evening came, and I was ready. I was clean-shaven down below, fresh, naked, blindfolded and hornier than ever. I was laying in bed, touching myself when I heard the door open. He was quiet, and came into the bedroom. A wave of excitement covered me. He moved toward me so stealthily that I could barely hear him. I didn't say a word. I felt the bottom of the bed move, and knew he was moving up toward me. Starting at my feet, his hands caressed my skin all the way up to my boobs, and then began kneading them. My nipples began hardening at being touched. Then, I felt hot breath near my mouth, and knew I was about to be kissed. The kiss was long, slow and sensuous...but I could tell this wasn't hubby! Did he lie to me about the guy from last night not coming back? No, I could tell it wasn't him either. Oh well, I didn't care, because this new person was a fantastic kisser! Suddenly, I felt fingers making their way into my pussy...oh, this person knew what they were doing! The kisses ceased from my mouth, and they started kissing down, stopping and taking my now solid erect nipples between their lips. My new lover was very talented! I felt their lips circling my belly button, then move down to my eager pussy. I was so wet, and they started licking me so sensuously, so expertly. I was already getting close. Then, they did something I've never experienced before... my new lover began fisting me, so gently and slowly, while at the same time sucking on my clit. Oh my gosh, what a sensation! This went on for...I don't know how long, but I was ready to cum! I started moving with the rhythm of the fisting, but it suddenly stopped. I was too close to cumming for me to stop, and right when I started to cum, everything stopped. I still came, though not as hard as the night before. Cumming is always good, lol, but I did feel slightly let down. Right when I thought it was over, I felt those wonderful lips on my pussy again, and the fist re-entered me. This time it was a little more intense, and I quickly knew that I was going to be able to cum again, and fast! I started bucking against that fist as if I was fucking the best cock in the world, and then it hit me unexpectedly...the wildest, most intense orgasm I've ever had! I even squirted...something I had never done before. Oh my gosh, this person was talented!! Exhausted, I heard my paramour dressing and walking toward the bedroom door. I know I was told not to speak, but I had to. "Who are you?! I demanded. "What is your name?! Just before the door shut, I had my answer. "I'm Barbara", said the sweetest, sexiest voice ever.

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