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Bed and Breakfast Boudoir

Our anniversary celebration went from private to shared

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My husband and I decided to take a trip to a close by resort area for our anniversary a few weeks ago. It turned out we had so much more fun than we anticipated. We arrived at the Bed and Breakfast we had booked a little after 6pm on Friday. There was a couple talking with the proprietor, maybe in their mid- 40s, so we waited our turn. When they were finished she gave us a tour of the place and showed us to our room. The house was beautiful. Built in the late 1800’s, the architecture was astounding. There were seven bedrooms, all very large, with there own large bathrooms. My husband spent a half-hour just wandering around the place, fascinated with the high ceilings, the 8 foot door casings, and all the detailed trim. When our host was finishing up with us, another couple came in and waited their turn to check in. They looked like teenagers. We greeted them as we passed by to go to our rooms, and they were extremely friendly. We went to our room, unpacked, then went to get some dinner. We came back to the room and crashed, exhausted after a long day of working and the two hour drive. Breakfast was served at nine the next morning, and we arrived at the same time as the young couple. The other couple wasn’t there, and, as a matter of fact, we never saw them again for the duration of our stay. During the course of our conversation with the young couple, we told them that we were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. The young lady said, “We’re celebrating our anniversary too! It’s six months today!” Both hubby and I kind of chuckled to ourselves, seeing her so excited at such an early milestone. “Happy Anniversary” all four of us said at the same time while raising our glasses for cheers. We parted ways and went to our room to get ready for the day. We had decided to visit a local winery for our first excursion. While getting ready, my husband commented on the couple. “Wow, they sure are giddy! But I have to say, she is adorably cute! If they were older, we could ask them to swing with us!” I slapped him in mock outrage, but couldn’t help but chuckle. We then left for our outing. We arrived at the winery, and went into the house for the tasting. Guess who was there!? We giggled at each other for making the same choice. I had to comment though, “You guys don’t even look old enough to drink!” They giggled more, and she replied, “We get that a lot. I know we look younger than we are, but he’s 28 and I’m 26.” “Well, that’s still young, but I thought you guys were 18”, I commented back. We all had a good laugh, then enjoyed tasting many different wines. When the tasting was over, hubby was quite tipsy. He seldom drinks any alcohol, so he’s not used to it. Laura, the young wife, seemed to be quite tipsy as well, as if she could get any giddier, but she was. I felt quite normal, and Michael, the young husband, seemed unaffected as well. We decided to walk the vineyard for a while, hoping to lessen the effect of the wine on JJ, my hubby, and Laura. Everyone seemed to be getting quite flirtatious during our walk, but soon we parted and went our separate ways. We went for lunch, then went back to our room for a nap. A little while later, we got up and went sightseeing around the town, then dinner, then back to our room for bed. The next morning at breakfast, our host added a little something extra for our breakfast for the four of us. “I made you all mimosas to celebrate your anniversaries” she smiled. “Aww, thank you”, the four of us said in unison, giving cheers once again. We all had a nice chat, then went back to our respective rooms. We decided to spend a few hours at the pool, working on our tans, so we got into our bathing suits and headed down. Once again, JJ mentioned how cute Laura was, and I agreed with him. They were a cute couple, and seemed to be a lot of fun. We got to the pool and began sunning in the lounge chairs. We heard voices behind us, and guess who…again!? “You guys must have stolen our itinerary” I chuckled as they came through the gate. “No, it’s just that great minds think alike”, Laura quipped back. We chatted for a minute, then Michael just jumped in the pool, and Laura took off her wrap and sat on one of the chairs. She had on a bikini, and looked sexy as hell. She had small boobs, but a perfect tight little ass on display for all to see. I though JJ’s eyes were going to pop out of his head! “You look so cute and sexy in your bikini, Laura”, I commented. “Thank you”, she said shyly back. “I wish I had huge boobs like you do though! I smiled at her. “Thanks, but sometimes I wish they were more like yours! Would you like to trade?” We giggled at each other then chatted on more normal topics. JJ watched her as if he were in a trance, as she oiled up her exposed skin. I could see a bulge forming in his trunks, so I tapped him and pointed to it. He chuckled a little and covered himself with his towel. The hours went by fast. We swam and chatted the whole time, and it was very enjoyable. First impressions aside, they were a very intelligent, down to earth couple. Then the mood changed very fast. All four of us moved from the lounge chairs to a round table with a big umbrella. JJ asked them an innocuous question; “So, what do you like most about being married?” Without hesitation, Laura said, “Sex!! I was a virgin when we got married, and had no idea how much fun it was and how good it felt! I want it all the time! I’m always horny!” “Wow”, JJ said. “I wasn’t expecting that answer!” Michael then chimed in, “She’s not lying. I can’t keep up with her.” I started laughing. “Goodness, Laura, that was pretty forward!” She chuckled back at me, “Well, we’re all adults here, and I’m just being honest. I love it more than anything. And I feel comfortable around you guys! You’re easy to talk to. And can I tell you something else? Promise you won’t think less of me?” “You can tell us anything, Laura, and unless you’re going to tell us you hurt puppies or children, we won’t judge you.”I responded. “Well, okay, here goes”, she continued. “Michael told me I can have sex with anyone I want, whenever I want, as long as he knows about it. I could have it every day, and he can’t because he works so hard for us, and I feel bad about pestering him for it all the time. I never have, but he’s given me permission to do so, and I also told him I wouldn’t do that unless he did too. So it just hasn’t happened. Also, I have a thing for mature men.” I’m sure JJ had a raging hard-on under the table at hearing this, but he didn’t say anything. He let me take the lead in the conversation. “Well, that’s interesting Laura. And your very candid”, I giggled. “We’ve been here for two days, have you guys had sex, since Michael isn’t working now?” “Yes”, she replied. “We’ve already done it three times. I think I’ve already worn him out”, she laughed. I looked at JJ and winked at him, and he winked back. That’s our signal when we meet another couple and we’re both on board for playing with them. “Well, Laura, what if I told you we are swingers, and we enjoy no strings attached sex with other people, what would you say?” Laura looked over at JJ, then at her husband, then back at me. She smiled, “You mean, I could fuck your husband?” I nodded my head in affirmation. She bit her lip, and looked at her husband again. “And would you fuck Michael?” I said, “Yes, if he wants to, but if not, I would still let you be with JJ.” “Wow” she said. “When we’ve ever talked about this, I never thought there would really be an opportunity like this to just fall in our lap. And now that it has…hmmmmm.” She kept looking over at Michael, and he just smiled at her. “Wow”, she continued. I’m so aroused at this whole thing. Of course, I get aroused talking about the weather”, she giggled. “I want to”. She then looked at JJ and bit her lip again, looking him up and down as if she would devour him. I started to wonder if hooking up my husband with this little “ “Michael, what do you think?”, I questioned. “Would you like to see what it’s like to be with an older woman?“ “Ummm, I guess so, Ms. Frannie” he said with boyish charm. “How will this work?” “I’ll tell you what, Laura can go up to our room and they can play, and I’ll stay with you in your room. We can have sex too, or if you don’t want to we can play checkers”, I smiled. “Ummm, no checkers” he responded shyly. “Well, that’s it then. It’s 2:00 now, let’s go in and freshen up, then at 2:30 Laura can go up to our room, and I’ll come down to yours. Deal?” Everyone agreed. When we stood up, I saw a bulge in front of JJ’s trunks. Of course. But Michael was also sporting a bulge. Was it because he was excited thinking about being with a mature lady, or because his hot wife was going to be fucked by another man? I guess we’d soon find out. “Wow”, JJ said when we walked into our room. “I was just kidding when I said we could ask them to swing with us!” I pointed down to his protruding cock and quipped, “your dick knows it’s not kidding” We freshened up a little, but stayed in our swim suits. When 2:30 came, I smiled at JJ, kissed him and said, “enjoy yourself”, then walked down to their room. I passed Laura on the way and said, “Are you nervous?” She answered back, “A little, I think, but honestly, I’m so horny I might cum before I get to your room!” I chuckled at her innocence. I’ll share my experience with Michael first, then I’ll let JJ share about him and Laura. The door was slightly ajar when I got to his room. “Knock, knock” I said as I slowly entered the room. Michael was tall, about 6 ft, and very thin. He had jet black hair, and a very boyish face. I couldn’t see any whiskers, but I don’t know if it’s because he kept himself very clean-shaven, or he just didn’t have a heavy beard. He was still wearing his swim suit, and still had a visible bulge. Good, I thought. He was looking me up and down, and smiling. I was still in my swim suit too, and he kept staring at my chest, quite the contrast from his petite, cute wife. Of course, I took the lead, or we would have never got started, lol. “Hi, Michael, I see you’re ready for me”, as I rubbed the front of his suit. “I am, Frannie” he said as he kept his eyes on my breasts. I leaned up to kiss him, and surprisingly, he was a good kisser. I didn’t have high expectations of him, but I knew I would enjoy myself nonetheless. I continued kissing him, and rubbing his cock through his trunks, enjoying the feeling of it growing beneath my hand. I kissed my way down his chest, his stomach, and when I got to his trunks, I pulled them down and his cock sprang out, hitting me in my chin. “Oh my gosh, Michael, you have a massive dick!” I said in total shock. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I looked up at him and he was smiling big, happy to see my response to viewing his monstrous member. I kept my gaze fixed on his eyes as I took him in my mouth, sucking, licking, kissing and fondling his huge rod. I sucked him for a few minutes, and didn’t want him to cum yet, so I stopped and stood up in front of him. His dick was bobbing up and down, obviously excited. I took my bottoms off, exposing my clean-shaven pussy, and then my top. It was his turn to be shocked. “Wow, Ms. Frannie, your tits are huge!” “I’m glad you like them, Michael. Come touch them, suck on them.” I laid on the bed, and he followed, fascinated by my big boobs. He sucked on my nipples, sending chills through my body, and fingered my pussy at the same time. Okay, I thought, maybe I don’t need to teach him anything…he’s doing just fine. But I kept thinking about his big dick, and was anxious to get that thing inside of me. As he sucked my tits, I grabbed his cock and stroked it…it felt even bigger than it did before I laid down. I guess he liked my big tits. “Michael, get on top of me. Fuck me with that big dick of yours. I want to feel you fill me up.” I didn’t have to ask twice. He mounted me and inserted his monster into my wet pussy, pushing all the way in, then slowly pulling all the way out, then filling me fully again. He kept sucking my tits as he fucked me, moving faster and harder as the minutes passed. I couldn’t take any more. I felt my climax building, and then, oh my gosh, it hit me hard. “I’m cumming, Michael! I’m cumming on that big fucking dick of yours! YESSSSS!! OH FUUUCCKKKKK!!!” I was thrashing about like a crazy woman, feeling pleasure ripples from my toes to my head. My orgasm seemed to last forever. Michael kept pounding me, but soon he couldn’t hold back any more either, he let out a loud moan, pulled out of my pussy and stroked that beautiful until his cum shot all over me. My tits and stomach were covered with his cum, there was so much of it. Exhausted, he fell on top of me, his semi-hard dick resting against my thigh, his head nestled sideways on my boobs. I stroked his hair, kissed his forehead, and said, “good boy.” After we recovered, I mentioned to him that he was a good lover. “Thank you, Ms. Frannie, and you made me cum really hard” “Why do you think that is, Michael? What made it so good for you??” “It’s your boobs, Ms. Frannie… I couldn’t stop looking at them and sucking on them while we fucked. It’s a different thrill for me.” “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.” Hubby’s turn: Laura came in looking incredible! Not only was she adorably cute, but she emanated sexuality. Her pretty face, her long blonde hair, her pert boobs and perfect tight ass, screamed “take me!” She shed her bikini as she walked toward me, and she wasted no time in getting down to it. She’s about 8 inches shorter than me, so I bent down to kiss her. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, and I returned the favor. That lasted only a minute, then she was on her knees sucking me eagerly. Several times she moaned a little, and said in such a sexy, sultry voice, “I just love cock”. Her sucking skills and dirty talk kept me throbbing. I knew I would cum soon if I let her continue, so I picked her up and carried her toward the bed. She had her legs wrapped around me, and I had lowered her to just the right position that the head of my cock teased her as we walked. I could tell she was already soaking wet, and she kept wriggling trying to lower herself fully on to me, but I didn’t let her. When we got close to the bed, I lowered her on to me so that I penetrated her fully, then took her off immediately and gently placed her on the bed. She spread her legs, expecting me to just start fucking her, but I didn’t. I laid beside her, sucked her erect nipples and started playing with her dripping wet pussy. She moaned loudly, appreciatively, and I moved down to let my tongue perform. I readjusted two fingers to her G-spot, and sucked her clit at the same time. “Oh my gosh, that feels incredible! What are you doing!?”, she asked. “I’m finger fucking you and eating your delicious pussy, Laura”, I replied. “I’ve never had this before, it feels amazing!”, she shot back. I was beginning to wonder if all they ever did was fuck missionary style. I kept it up for a few minutes when she started to cum. I could hardly keep my mouth on her clit, she was thrashing around so wildly. I looked up at her as she calmed down, and said to her, “Well, I wasn’t expecting you to cum so quickly!” She said, “Neither was I…but don’t stop, I want more!” I giggled at her youthful enthusiasm, and continued. I turned her over on her side, draped one of her legs over me, and entered her now drenched pussy with my hard sex pole. I fucked her hard and fast, and played with her clit at the same time, and after a few minutes she started cumming for a second time. “Oh my gosh, I feel like I can’t stop cumming…more, more, please!” I lifted her up on all fours, gently pushed her head on to the pillow, spread her legs a little wider, and began to fuck her doggy style. I held her hips and pulled her into me, while I pounded her intensely. She just kept moaning and yelling, and began saying again and again, “I just love cock, I love it, I love it…”. After a few minutes, I laid on my back and told her to get on top of me and ride my cock. She moved very quickly, mounted my erection and fucked it like it would disappear if she didn’t. She was grinding, writhing, moving with such energy and passion that I knew I would blow my load fast. She leaned down and started kissing me while not letting up….at all…with her furious fucking frenzy on my dick. After another few minutes, she threw her head back and said loudly, “I’m cumming again!! Oh, please, I’m cumming!! MMMMMMMM!!!” And she did. I announced to her, “So am I!!!”, and she jumped off of me and took my cock in her mouth as I exploded. “Mmmmmm” she murmered as she sucked me dry. She fell down on top of me, and I held her close for a while. She was snuggling in to me, holding on tight. “That was incredible, JJ” she whispered. I never knew there were so many ways to cum, or that I could cum that much.” “Oh?”, I replied. “Don’t you guys experiment with different ways to make love?” “No”, she said. “I mean, he really does work a lot, and it’s all I can do to get him to just fuck me vanilla. But I do love what we do, and I always cum and am satisfied, but that’s all we do. So, this means a lot to me that he let me do this, and thank you for doing this, too.” “You’re welcome, Laura, but the pleasure was mine. And I didn’t know if I’d live through your intensity”, I laughed. “That’s the first time I’ve ever tasted cum, too”, she continued. “You’ve never swallowed your husbands?” I said incredulously. “No, I’ve asked to, but he doesn’t want me to. I want to try everything sexual. He likes to kiss me after sex and doesn’t want that in my mouth when he does.” “Well, it’s usually the woman who is averse to that, but to each their own. You need to respect each other’s boundaries for a happy life. Not just about sex. She thanked me again, kissed me and went back to her room. The next morning we met at breakfast, then went back out to the pool just to sit and chat. Laura said she’d love to stay in touch with us, and maybe we could meet back here a few times a year for more fun. We exchanged numbers, and all look forward to meeting again in the future.

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