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Apr 28, 2020

Day 1

This is Jason Kim, on a lone expedition of Twin Jade Islands.

The Twin Jade Islands are about 771 miles from the coast of Mainland Japan. I always thought all the islands in the pacific were already discovered, but I'd be wrong.

According to what I heard, one island is about the size of 6 football fields, and the other is about 8 football fields. Surprisingly, they both look like crab claws from a bird's eye view.

Are there any inhabitants? Not sure, but I'm gonna find out.

Day 2

Arrived on the islands at around 11:00 am. So far no, sign of inhabitants.

At 1:14 pm, first sign of inhabitants. I saw two women, wearing animal skins, stepped out of the trees. They looked curious, and slowly approached me. I wasn't sure if they were hostile, but I had to take my chances.

Thank goodness they weren't hostile towards me. In fact, they didn't have any weapons on them. They spoke in an unusual language, so understanding them wasn't easy.

They took me to their village that was deep in the jungle. Saw a couple of monkeys, snakes, and exotic birds on the way. Their village was actually quite big, with about 31 houses with about 83 villagers. One thing that got me confused was that there were no men, not one. Only women were in the village. At first I thought that they went hunting or something.

I met the chieftess, who looked rather beautiful, like all the other women in the village. Obviously, I had no idea what she was saying, but I got a feeling she was alright with me being around. Probably because they never saw a man before.

Day 3

I gave the villagers a tribe name, the Frog tribe. Why? Mainly because they farmed frogs, and I mean lots of them. Seems to be part of their diet, as well as some mangoes, snakes, coconuts, fish, and even monkeys.

One villager sparked a conversation with me, even though the language barrier was still there. I believed she asked me to go for a swim with her, since she took me to a river. Reluctantly, I accepted.

When we got naked, she was rather touchy. She started grabbing and jerking my cock, which felt pretty nice. The thing was though, there were no men. So why does she know how to jerk my cock? Wasn't sure.

Day 7

I heard some kind of horn coming from the other island.

The entire village came out of the jungle, and onto the beach. That's where I saw another tribe of women, about 80 of them. They also had no men with them. I called them the Bird tribe.

The Bird chieftess came out and greeted the Frog chieftess. Again, I never understood their conversation. It seems they were about to do some kind of ceremony. I sat at a distance and watched.

I saw them wrestling, trying to out do the other person. As well as wrestling, they were touching each other's pussy. I got a little turned on, watching them finger and rub each other's pussy. They even scissored each other, as the villagers watched and cheered. This went on for about 45 minutes.

I saw the Frog chieftess getting weaker, and succumbing to the Bird chieftess. Eventually, the Frog chieftess would squirt and have orgasms after orgasm, showing that she lost. The Bird tribe cheered in victory.

It wasn't over though. The Bird chieftess started chanting, as though she was praying, while fingering herself. Her tribe would do the same. Out of nowhere, the Bird tribe grew penises. That explains why the islands still had people living on them.

I watched, as the Bird chieftess fucked the Frog chieftess. The Bird villagers would also fuck the Frog villagers too, creating an orgy. They fucked everywhere on the island, in the jungle, the frog village, the river, the ocean, the beach, etc. Some bird villagers even took some frog villagers back to the other island and fucked them there. All I could hear were the orgasms of both tribes. This went on for about 2 hours. To be honest, it was the best show I got.

Eventually, the Bird tribes' penises would go back to being vaginas. As it seems, it was only a temporary thing. I guess it was about who was dominant. The rest of the Bird tribe would go back to their island, as well as taking some Frog villagers as their wives.

Back at the village, I now only saw about 55 villagers left. Just by looking at them, they were all filled with cum, since semen was seeping out of their vagina.

Day 33

Some of the Frog villagers were already showing stages of pregnancy. Only a handful of villagers weren't showing any signs.

I go check on the other island, which I can literally just walk across. I find all the Frog villagers there pregnant as well, as they were now the wives of some Bird villagers.

Day 40

Last day on the island

The boat that will take me home would arrive at 2:00 pm. The Frog chieftess would say her goodbyes, as well as offer me seashells and fruits as a gift. I thanked her before leaving.

I waved goodbye to the Frog villagers, and they waved back as some rubbed their bellies, including the chieftess.

Day 41

Arrived in Tokyo

Day 42

Back home in LA.

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