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The Fight (part 1)

Ready to settle this

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The story is in the perspective of Cheyenne. This happened not too long ago. I was making the bed, when my husband's phone had a text message from a woman named, "Lucy". It read, "When you coming over hun? Miss you." Me being curious, I read their previous messages, which broke my heart into a million pieces. I had a feeling that something was wrong with my husband, but I never expected him to go as far as to cheat on me. I decided to dig further on who this Lucy was, to which I found some strange numbers in their text. At first, I thought it was a secret number they use to talk, but when I searched it up, it turns out to be a location... A little house with a dirt road, away from the main road. So, I texted to Lucy on my husband's phone, "Coming over. See you there." The drive wasn't too far, but definitely not close either. The house was about 30 minutes away from my house, and was definitely away from the main road. Which makes a perfect private place if people wanted privacy. After driving down the dirt road, I finally reached the driveway of the house. There, I found a black SUV, which I never recognized. It must belong to Lucy, since I saw a purse in the passenger seat. Passing the SUV, I step up to the front door and rang the bell. At first, no answer, so I rang the bell again. This time I heard, "hold on Jake. I'll be there in a second!" The door opens Steps out a woman with dark, black hair, as dark as charcoal. She had a similar build as me, athletic slim but with hips being slightly wider. She was even the same height as me, standing 5' 3". I assumed she was in her mid-30s, just like me. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt, She asked, "Woah... Who are you?" I responded with, "So?! You're Lucy?!" Lucy: Yeah Cheyenne: YOU'RE LUCY?!?! Lucy: Yeah, why? Cheyenne: You know Jake? Lucy: Yeah. Cheyenne: Well he's my fucking husband! Lucy: Ohhh... So you're his wife! Didn't expect you to show up here. I pushed my way into the house, with all this anger built up in me. Cheyenne: Look here, bitch! Don't you ever fucking talk to my husband again! Lucy: OoOh, i'M So sCaReD! Not my fault he likes me. I can see why he doesn't like you though. All hostile and demanding. Cheyenne: Shut the fuck up, bitch! You're the one screwing up my marriage. Lucy: Oh yeah? Oh I'll do more than just that, you little cunt. Cheyenne: What did you just call me? Lucy went up to my ear and whispered, "You. Little. Cunt." That set me off. I lost control of myself, and threw a slap against her face. Lucy: haha, is that all you got?! Lucy slaps me back, which did sting a bit. I lunged at her, grabbing her hair and pulling it. Lucy did the same to me, as well as screaming. We were pulling each other's hair, demanding the other to let go, for about 5 minutes. Eventually, we ending up tripping over and landing on the floor, finally letting go of each other's hair. I try to get back up, but was suddenly pulled back down. This time, Lucy was sitting behind me, and had her arm around my neck. Lucy: you know what your husband likes to do with me?! Cheyenne: The fuck you doing?! I felt her other hand reach around and grabbed my breast. She began fondling them, moving from left to right, back and forth. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Let's just say both. Lucy: Oooh... You like that?! You like how play I with you tits, bitch?! Cheyenne: Argh! Fuck you! Lucy: What's wrong?! Your husband does this to me! How about this?! I feel Lucy's hand moving down to my pants. Out of nowhere, she grabs my vagina. It was sharp, making me jump a bit. Lucy: Oooh, looks like someone likes that! Cheyenne: Ugh! Let go! Lucy: You know what?! Let's check if your pussy is wet! Cheyenne: No! No! I tried resisting, but was too late. Lucy already put her hands down my pants, passed my panties. All I could feel was her hand playing with my vagina, rubbing it back and forth. Lucy: Hahaha, Yep! It's wet! Fucking slut! Cheyenne: Argh! Fuck you! Fuck you!!! Lucy: hmmm, I wonder what happens if I do this! Cheyenne: No! Stop! Ugh!!! Lucy started fingering me, making it harder for me to resist. She didn't even start out slow. She just went all out on my vagina. I can feel it ready to burst in excitement. I was getting ready to scream. Lucy continued to finger me for about 2 minutes. And then... Cheyenne: OHHH!!! FUUUCK!!! AHHHHH!!! Lucy: YEAH! CUM FOR ME, SLUT! HAHAHA As my strength slowly weakened, I saw Lucy licking her fingers. She slowly loosened her arm around my neck, knowing I was getting weaker. Lucy: mmmm... Your cum isn't bad at all... So tastey... I want more... Cheyenne: Oh no you don't, bitch! I gathered all my strength left in me, and pushed her away, giving myself some distance. This time, I lunged at her, pinning her to the ground. She tried to scramble away, but she was now in my grips. Cheyenne: Your turn, bitch! Lucy: No! Fuck! Get off me! I started unzipping her jeans, and I pulled it right off her, exposing her red panties. Of course, I pulled those off her too. I sucked my middle finger, making sure it was wet enough. Cheyenne: Hope you're ready?! Here it come! Or should I say, "here you cum!" Lucy: No! No! No! Her pussy was warm and wet. I guess her fingering me turned her on. So I begin fingering her, exactly the same way she did it to me. Cheyenne: What's wrong?! I thought you like getting fingered?! You liked it when my husband does it! Lucy: Argh! Well you're not Jake! Oh fuck! I can feel her pussy just tightening after every finger. Lucy's breathing even got harder. her pussy got even more wet than before. That's how I knew she was about to have an orgasm. She was about to cum. Lucy: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Cheyenne: Do it! Do it, bitch! Cum for me! Lucy: OH FUCK!!! Cheyenne: There it is! There it is! Lucy: AHHHHH!!! Cheyenne: HAHAHA! Got you now, bitch! For some reason, making her cum and orgasm turned me on a bit. But of course, I was still angry with her. I started licking her cum off my fingers, just like what she did. To be honest, it tasted pretty sweet. My husband had good taste in pussy. As I get up to walk out the door, Lucy pulls me back, and pushes me against the wall Lucy: Where the fuck you think you're going?! We're not done yet! Lucy starts stripping me, first my shirt and bra, then my pants and panties. I did the same to her. Lucy: huh! Not bad for a slut! Cheyenne: I can say the same about you, you home-wrecking bitch! Lucy: How about this?! Let's have a little fuck fight! We fuck each other, until one of us begs to stop! Cheyenne: Fine! If I win, you leave my husband alone! Lucy: What if I win?! hmmm? Cheyenne: Well what do you want?! Lucy: If I win, you belong to me. I get to do whatever I want with you. Like your husband, I will be your mistress as well. Agree, or your just a pussy! I had no choice, but to agree, if I wanted my husband back. So, Lucy locked the doors, making sure no one can get in or out. She then approaches me, and grabs my ass. Lucy: Ready to lose?! Cheyenne: Bring it on, bitch! Like in boxing, she rings the bell twice. Only thing was, my ass was the bell. In other words, she gave me two light spanks to start the fight. Lucy: Ding! Ding! To be continued...

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