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Unknown 10 months ago

Neighbor's bet

One winner, one loser

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It was the night of our 10th Anniversary, when our neighbors came over for a little "game night". We all sat in the living room, while my wife Sharon went and got us some wine. One thing for sure, our neighbors were our rivals, and we didn't like each other that much. Why? Long story short, one of their fences were broken by accident, and they never really forgave us. The rivalry went on for about 4 years, until we all had enough, and decided to settle this. Kyle and Edith, our neighbors, wanted to hold a contest of strength. Sharon and Edith would wrestle each other, until one gives up. Any goes, but no weapons allowed, and no assistance. If Edith wins, Kyle gets to fuck Sharon the whole night. If Sharon wins, I get to fuck Edith the whole night. Kyle: Oh yeah, there's one more thing we have in mind. Show them, hun. Edith pulls out a document, and threw it on the table. Sharon and I looked at it, to which we didn't like one bit. They were divorce papers. Kyle: Also if you lose, you and Sharon have to sign this document. Then, our feud can be over. Me: If y'all lose? Edith: Then we'll sign it. Agree, or y'all are cowards. Sharon and I thought a bit, but we had no choice. It was either agree, or be rivals forever. Besides, she and I are not cowards to anything. So we agreed to the terms. Sharon and Edith go up, and confronted each other. They were both angry, and stared into each other's eyes. Edith: Ready bitch?! Sharon: Ready when you are! Edith started checking out Sharon, and started caressing her. Edith: Hmmm, you have too much clothes on. Let me help. Edith started stripping Sharon, and Sharon did the same to Edith. Finally, they got down to wrestling. They both were exchanging blows. I would see them finger each other, scissor, ate each other's pussy, and even made each other squirt. Eventually, one of the ladies submitted to the other. Unknown: Okay! Okay! You win! I submit! To be continued... (Choose who wins, Sharon or Edith)

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