Jun 17, 2020

They were your normal couple,she was 46,he was 54.both were fairly attractive. They had a decent sex life,not quite as good as in the beginning,but ok. Married for almost 24 .2 kids,both on their own now. They had talked during sex about fantasies one of which was sharing her with other men. It was only a fantasy, that is until now.

Kat, short for Katie looked sexy as hell thought Joe as he watched her at the party. She was dancing with a guy about her age. Her blonde hair and tan legs looked amazing in the green semi short skirt she was wearing.

. As the night wore on they both got a Little tipsy, neither were regular drinkers . In fact,Joe was drunk. The host helped katput him to bed in a spare room.

Kat was having a lot of fun, she hadn't partied like this in years. And a couple hours later, she to was feeling pretty buzzed.

It got late most of the guest had left. She headed for the bathroom, shit it was occupied. So she went on down the hall looking for another one. As she was passing a bedroom she heard moaning. Peeking in she saw Dian a single friend of hers getting fucked a younger man. If that wasn't enough, there was also 2 other men inside the room watching and mastorbating!

She started to walk away, but couldn't. She was getting turned on. She leaned against the door frame and started fingering her self with her hand inside her panties.

As Diane was having an orgasm,Kat's legs went weak from her own pleasure and she lost her balance tumbling into the room she was trying to apologise, Diane laughed,no need,ok it's cool.

She then asked Kat if she wanted some. I don't know, I've never,and Joe is just down the hall.Hes out cold said one of the men, sure you don't need a good fucking? Me and Billie could show you a good time. And your hot we been checking you out all night. I don't know, Look says Diane,me and my boytoy will go on out, let these guys show you a good time, and believe me they will.

She was left alone with the guys,it wasn't long before their hands and mouths were all over her. It was happening fast,in no time one was fucking her while the other one kissed her neck. The first guy came and the one started fucking her.

This went on for a couple of hours,then.....she looks towards the door there was Joe......

To be continued