Jun 14, 2020

To all you ladies and hot wives,and you insatiable sluts.This is 100 percent true.

I was about 28 at the time. And as wild as they come.. My hair was long and blond,my body tan and solid.My cock was like a steel rod with a crook to the left way up high.

I had been out partying, but everything had closed. I had only been back in town 3 days. So anyway I decided to go to this apartment building where i used to party.

To see if any old friends were still there.

Soon as I get there I hear music. I knocked on the door, and presto! It opens. An old friend Mark was the only one still up. People were asleep or passed out all around the room. Including Nicki,an ex Out cold on the couch with her new man on the floor beside her.

I say what's up Mark,as I go to the couch. I start massaging Nicki's tits as I stick 2 fingers up her pussy. She starts moaning and barely opens her eyes. Right then I pull her panties to the side and shove 6and a half rock hard inches inside her soaking wet pussy!

I fucked her hard, deep, and fast. She was trying not to get too loud as we both came.

As soon as we did I got up and went to her room mates bedroom walked in climbed in her bed and began sucking her sweet pussy.

Stop she says, Nicki is in the other room. I know I say,I just fucked her brains out!!!

I then slide my dick to the hilt up in her HOT twat

She came almost on impact. We fucked for bout 30 minutes the head board slamming against the wall till it broke. She came again and so did i. I get up, say later baby.

MY friend says damn man that was wild as hell as I'm leaving.

True story, I haven't seen any of them again.