Written by Anonymous

Mar 27, 2020

It all started when we were lying in bed. She was wearing a very thin nighty that was almost see through. The moonlight was shining through the windows & her nipples were hard. I reached out & began caressing the nipple of her left breast as I moved onto my side to get closer to her.

As I moved closer she turned slightly & that silly left nipple fell into my mouth. My hand reached across & caressed her right nipple as it was hard also. Now, the taste of cotton over a nipple isn’t unpleasant, but the wetness of my mouth made her shiver from being cold. What’s a guy to do, but lift her nighty up over her head so she was naked beside me.

I continued to suck on her nipple while I slid my hand downward toward her groin. I came into contact with her pubic hair & gently stroked it. She obliged & slid her legs apart so I could get a better feel for her fun button. She was already getting wet from me sucking on her nipple. I moved up a little bit to nuzzle her neck, as she reached for my now throbbing hard cock.

I moved my cock out of reach & she let out a whimper & whispered “why?”. I whispered back I didn’t want to cum yet, just wanted to play a bit longer. I continued to play with her pussy, occasionally dipping a finger inside, rubbing her pussy lips up/down & all around. As I was getting more turned on, my cock started dripping with pre-cum. I decided at that time to give her some tongue.

I moved down & touched my tongue to her pussy & began licking up & down. I traced the outer lips from the base to the hood of her clit. She pulled her lips apart for me to dip my tongue into her pussy. I tasted her nectar and it was wonderful. I continued to lick up & down, pausing to suck on her clit time to time. She started moving her hips in the rhythm of my licking & breathing harder. I stopped the licking in & out of her pussy to concentrate on her clit.

Sucking her clit in my mouth, I rolled my tongue around & over it while maintaining gentle suction. She orgasmed with a squeal & bucked her hips approvingly. After her pussy stopped clasping at my tongue, I moved up beside her. Her left leg was resting on top of my hip and my cock resting against her pussy. Not wanting to quit playing, I continued gently stroking her clit, dipping into her pussy enjoying her wetness.

My cock was dripping pre-cum which I began rubbing it against her clit. Flicking the head of my cock, rubbing the pre-cum into her clit made her buck her hips once again. She was so soaking wet, the pussy juice was running down between her ass cheeks, lubricating her pussy & asshole. I pushed my cock downward & the head slid against her asshole. With gentle pressure in combination of her hip thrusting, it started to slide inside.

Her pussy juice had made things so slick, my cock slid in deeper with each thrust of her hips. Tight isn’t the right words for it, but her ass was so tight & clenching my cock. I continued to play with her clit & pussy lips as she began bucking her hips harder & harder, thrusting my cock deeper & deeper into her ass. What a wonderful feeling, the tightness, her getting closer to cumming again, her moans/groans & squeals of pleasure.

After a few minutes of riding my cock, she started cumming & cumming hard. Her head was thrown back, long “Ahhhh’s”, squeals & moans were said. As she was cumming, her asshole was clamping down on my cock in a rhythm which made me squirt a huge load of cum in her ass. I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming.

When we finally calmed down enough to speak, she told me “I didn’t know I could cum from back there”. “I want to try that again sometime”.

I replied “I’m happy to oblige………………..”