Written by Anonymous

Mar 31, 2020

I had been at the club drinking, admiring the ladies and chatting with a couple. One I was very interested in was a cute petite Asian gal that seemed interested in me too. When the club started emptying out, we both decided to continue our conversation.

She took me to her house & invited me in. We entered her house & immediately began kissing. Her tongue went into my mouth & began probing. When she withdrew her tongue, my tongue followed & began probing her mouth. While we were kissing, her hands were roaming over my body - chest, abdomen & butt. Not to be left out, my hands were roaming & exploring her body also.

I found her pert tits under her shirt & started caressing them through her bra. As her nipples got hard, I softly pinched, pulled & squeezed them. One hand found her butt and with a squeeze, she let out a soft squeal as we were kissing. Her hand found my belt & unbuckled it, unbuttoned my jeans & let my pants fall to the floor. Then she reached inside my shorts finding a hard cock leaking pre-cum. As she grasped it at the base of the cock, I unbuttoned her jeans & slid them off her hips.

She wasn't wearing panties & when I touched her pussy I found soft silky hair which was already wet. We both stepped out of our jeans so we wouldn't fall to the floor and helped each other out of our tops. As we looked admiringly at each other, we went to the bed where the rubbing continued.

I started rubbing, massaging & caressing her legs at the knees working my way upward toward her pussy. As I was doing this her legs spread so I could see her pussy & how wet it was. It was too tempting so I bent my head & began kissing her inner thighs. As I was doing this I slid down between her legs & gently sucked the skin on her inner thighs.

I reached her pussy and began licking along her slit until I got to her clit. One quick flick of the tongue & her hips bucked upward. Continuing back down her slit, I worked my tongue between her lips & tasted the sweet nectar of her pussy juice. I was in heaven at that moment. I continued to lick up/down her pussy pausing at her clit every now & then. I slipped a finger inside her & found the hard knot of her "G" spot & began massaging it as I licked/sucked on her clit.

Her bucking of her hips told me she was getting close to cumming and that was what I wanted her to do. I continued to suck her clit a bit faster to match her hip movement, while I was matching her thrusts with my G spot massage.

Suddenly her hip thrusting became more like spasms. I felt her pussy clenching my finger as she came. I continued to massage her G spot & suck her clit when she began squirting all over my face. Surprised wasn’t the real answer. Tasted like sweet pussy juice & a bit of piss.

I kept licking & sucking her clit, her legs were clamping my ears to my head as I held onto her bucking hips. Finally I stopped licking & she slowed her hip bucking & her pussy clenching slowed. Reaching down, she pulled me up on top of her as my cock slid into her well lubed pussy. As I pounded her pussy with my rock hard cock, she started cumming again.

Squirt, squirt, moan, groan, squeal is all she could do. She met every thrust of my cock with a hip thrust of her own. The clenching of her pussy was massaging my cock so much, I let go of a huge load of cum inside her pussy. She held onto me like I was her life preserver in a lake as her orgasm subsided.

Later she told me she had never done that before, but it was the most wonderful experience she had ever had. I saw her several more times before I had to return to the states.