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Anonymous 11 months ago

A day in the park

Best hike ever

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The day started out like every other day just a normal day going to go for a drive to a national park on a Monday go check out some Trails maybe have a picnic we headed out the wife got dressed and some tights and some athletic wear looking very sexy as usual blond five feet two 120 lb ass big and tight very sexy very my wife is a very loyal and happy to help people and on this occasion when I drive up we were talking about cuckold she like to try it sometime and I I would like to see it see had only ever been with me at that point lol so we laughed about it and what about our day like nothing and forgot found a nice spot to hike came back to the parking lot after and found a nice picnic table to have lunch I had to go to the bathroom for a while and when I came back I was shocked to walk up on my wife with the stranger and she was I'm zipping his pants and put them on the picnic table I was shocked but turned on insteadly he had a huge uncut cock like 13 inches and she was loving it sucking and looking over right at me he tried to explain but she pushed him back and I said it's all good as long as I can watch he said of course and she instantly began bouncing on his cock then she bent over and had him bent over the picnic table and f*** the s*** out of her the whole time bareback none of us had thought of it until he was busting a huge load in her tight little p**** but at that point it was too late she flipped over on her back and he can f****** me at this point I couldn't contain myself anymore and started masturbating she has me walk over there as I shot a load all over her face cuz I can't take it it was so hot we continue this way for an hour switching until some other hikers popped up on us more to the story, if you want to hear

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