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Morning Oral Pleasure

"A very exciting Morning of oral pleasure"
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2 min
7 months ago
Good Morning My Love, I said ... He looked at me and said” Good morning babygirl” , he reached over pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply💋... He slid the covers off pulled me to the end of the bed and told me “ it’s time for you to take care of this cock baby, I replied with a big smile😁..... My head hung off the corner of the bed , my mouth open and he rams his cock down my throat!!!! I start sucking his hard cock as I stroke it... He started pinching my nipples harder and harder as I sucked his hard cock.... I can feel his cock throbbing down my throat , I start choking on it.. He starts fucking my mouth harder and faster as he keeps Squeezing and pinching my breast...He yells “take every drop my cum slut” as he explodes in my mouth.... I lay there licking my lips as he licks and sucks on my big breast and tells me “what a good cum slut I am.. We look at each other and he grins and I know what that means I stand up , he takes my hand walks me over to the chair and tells me “sit my naughty girl ”... (I let out a loud purrrrrrrr) I sit, and watch him walk across the room and grab something... He walks back and asks me “ do you trust Me” I say of course.. He says “good girl”... He grabs my chin leans down kisses my nose and tells me to close my eyes.. My eyes closed he takes each wrist and pulls them behind me and ties them together... I let out a little moan and he says “ you are doing good baby girl “ as he slides me to the edge of the chair I feel something touching my clit.. He begins to kiss and lick my very wet pussy .. I started to bite my lip as he is licking, biting , sucking my clit and pussy ... I moan with pleasure as I Squirm and tremble in the chair... He looks up at me stops for a second and tells me to cum Now!!!!! I start shaking as I explode all over his face, He says good girl

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