Sep 3, 2019

First of all,hold it at the base,always do that.

look into his eyes while you lick his balls and up his shaft working your way to his cock head.

Say stuff like,"Mmmm..its nice and big"

Guys love hearing that.

Circle your tongue around his cock head while gently,very gently rubbing his balls.

Open your mouth and take his cock into your mouth,make sure you squeeze with your lips,slide down over his head and down his shaft,trying to go as deep as possible.

If you want to be a little kinky,spit on his cock and your lips will slide over it easier,this part is optional,just depends on if you are feeling kinky or not.

You could also rub his head over your nipples.

let him place his cock between them and let him thrust up and down for a bit.

Keep a steady rhythm and don't forget to take it deep in your mouth

When he cums,try to swallow it.

Guys love this.

If you cant or don't like it,let it drip down your chin onto your tits,and rub it on your nipples and tits.

Say stuff like,"wow!..so much cum!"

Keep on sucking even after he has cum but concentrate on his head.This will be sensitive,you will make him jump and flinch and go crazy if you do this.