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Something I've never tried but willing to beg for

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Once a girlfriend that I treated very badly and cheated on repeatedly even close to in front of her once needless to say she was out to destroy me after I dumped her she found a new boyfriend and bragged on him wow showing her camel toe off and raising my curiosities to a jealous point finally inviting me into her pussy which by knowing me she was aware I was going to eat her one of her friends came up to me laughing and asked how her new boyfriend tasted before explaining how she was coming to me the minute her man got done coming in her pussy sometimes two or three times overnight bringing me the slop the next morning the humiliation and the thought of what nasty trick she got away with once I was finished calling her all kinds of whores and bitches and sluts she just smiled and requested I suck her boyfriend's dick sings how I've tasted him anyway and adding dirty devilish talk as she went how she's always seen fagging me and how much bigger the dick I tasted was she was now enjoying led to me paying her for coming to me freshly creampied and causing me to want it from others to this day and new turn-ons and visuals of becoming a submissive sub and inviting her man and her girlfriends man to show me how big they are by putting a cock down my throat as they watch the thoughts of all this has strengthened to now I'm watching black men fuck white boys videos wishing I was a white boy and looking for a big black dick to turn me into a white bitch first on video with females viewing me get it I even dream when fixing becomes a reality I'll be put in a full Nelson held up in the air and catch a big black dick fucking me as my limbs flop wildly in front of my ex or any other interested female.

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