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Cindy C. 5 months ago

An Open Letter From One Hotwife to Her Younger Lover

Hotwife/ Bull/ Cuckold

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8 min
As you sit next to me on my marital bed, butterflies flutter in my stomach. I feel like a schoolgirl on a first date. We have met three times before, but tonight is special. Your powerful kiss makes me weak in the knees. You stroke my inner thigh, sending shivers up my spine. Tonight you are different.....a little more hesitant than normal. Perhaps it is because we are at my house. Or perhaps it could be the presence of my husband seated across the room watching, that has you a little bit nervous. He is after all a very rich and powerful man in the community. He is also over twice your age. But if you only knew that he is as intimidated by you as you are of him. Your youth, charming good looks, strong, athletic body and well yes, your larger attributes make him feel like less of an alpha male and more subservient to you. But you don't know this. How could you? I break our kiss to whisper in your ear, "It's ok, baby. He won't interfere with us. You are my one and only man right now." My loins start to tingle as your large hand moves closer to my womanhood. You make me stand in front of you. You slowly unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor. My lingerie is new, purchased just for this occasion. I turn around so that you can take in the view. You embrace me with your strong arms. I feel safe in your no one will ever harm me. It is a feeling I have not had with my husband in years. We kiss again and I feel your hands drop to my ass. They are so large, warm and strong. These are hands that take what they want, when they want......and that turns me on all the more. I unbutton your shirt and run my hands through the fine hair on your chiseled chest. I drop to my knees and you stand in front of me. You look nervously towards my husband but I could care less about him right now. It's you I want in this moment. You and only you. As I unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants, I can see the large package in front of me. The butterflies churn in my stomach just like it's the first time all over again. I take my time, lowering your pants for you to step out of them. Then your boxers next, freeing your beautiful cock from bondage. I am always amazed at your size. You are bigger than I have ever had before but not too big. I grab your shaft and bring your manhood to my mouth, kissing the tip that is partially obscured by your foreskin. Your scent is manly. I take my time sucking and kissing your growing member. I lift your heavy cock up to drift down to your balls, taking each one in my mouth and bathing them with my tongue. You groan loudly. My husband shifts in his seat. He's enjoying what he sees. He begins undressing as I tune him out to focus on my new addiction.....this perfect cock. You lie me on the bed and gently fondle my breasts, tweaking my hard nipples and kissing my stomach as you drift down between my legs. Your nervousness has made you hesitant tonight. Normally at this point, the inexperience of your youth has lead you in prior meetings to rush through this, but tonight you take your time.....and that is very much to my advantage. I am already wet. Your thick fingers penetrate me with little to no resistance while your mouth pays close attention to my clitoris. I grab your thick brown hair and draw you closer to me as you build me up to my first climax. I shudder and cry out as I cum on your face, causing you to double down on your efforts. Your strong hands grip my hips and pull me to you. Your tongue brushes my clitoris until I cannot stand it any more. I need you inside me.....filling me up like I have never been filled before..... right now! You break from me and stand, guiding your large cock to my womanhood. I gasp as you push it in. Just the tip. You like to tease me. The look on your face is mischievous. I know what you want. You want me to beg you for it.....and I am not one to disappoint. I am all yours. My legs spread for you and only you......only the fourth lover in my life and the first one in over thirty years. I love it when you comment on how tight I am. After all these years I am still holding together well. Even after eight times over the course of our prior visits, it still takes me a while to accommodate to your length and thickness. I press on your stomach as your slide forward, trying to control your onslaught as you inch a little bit further in with each thrust.....slow and steady like I like it. I am wet but your size generates a wonderful friction. Finally I feel your ballsack make contact with my asshole. It is a wonderful feeling.....being filled to the brim with your cock.....I cannot imagine being stretched any further. My lower belly is filled with your warmth. Your balls tickle my ass as they rest in position, jiggling ever so slightly from the excitement we are generating. You leave your cock in me for a minute, letting me savor the feeling. Then you withdraw and begin plunging slowly and methodically into me, driving me closer to another orgasm. The juicy, sloppy noises we generate with each thrust spur me on to new heights. As we continue our coupling, you pick up your pace ramming your large cock deep into me. I love how you stare into my eyes as you make love to me..... a soul fuck unlike no other. Our two bodies have become one, working for one common purpose......generating ecstasy for each other. You bend down to kiss me, our tongues dancing around each other in our mouths. So erotic. So passionate. As you draw near your orgasm you start to withdraw as per our agreement with my husband, but this time I want you inside me when you cum. I have never had a man generate so much and tonight I have to feel it let loose inside me......a chance to cum together simultaneously. I wrap my legs around you, thrust my hips forward, and grab your muscular ass with both hands, locking me to you and trapping your cock inside me. I buck against you hard, pushing me over the edge once again to the most intense orgasm of my life. I cry out your name loudly, more vocal than I have ever been with my husband. I sense your muscles tighten and then you groan loudly as you unleash your load deep into my eager womb before collapsing on top of me. You lie on top of me for a brief moment. Our sweat mingles between us. I do not want this to end. As you try and withdraw, I hold you to me. "Not yet, baby. Just a moment more." Slowly I feel the fullness leave my body as your wonderful cock begins to soften. As you break from me, it is as if someone has torn out a piece of my soul. I do not feel complete without you inside me. I crave more. I have to have you As you fade from my sight, your beautiful body is replace by my husband. There is a wild look in his eyes. He drops between my legs, attacking my moist pussy with his lips. There is an urgency to him that has been missing for years. He quickly drives me to a powerful orgasm, but not as strong as the one I had with you. He jumps onto the bed and thrusts his hard cock into me. It meets with no resistance as I have been dilated by a bigger man and duly lubricated by your seed. He grabs my ass as he wildly assaults my pussy. His forceful thrusts generate no friction. Frustrated he pulls out. I can see streaks of your cum sticking to his smaller organ. He tells me to turn over and get on my knees. I oblige and he quickly stuffs his cock in my ass. It slides in easily, lubricated by our secretions. If he can't reclaim his wife's pussy, he will mark his territory elsewhere. He is mad at me for allowing you to cum inside. Words like slut and whore are used but he doesn't mean them. He crashes into my ass with veracity and speed. I feel my ass cheeks quiver with each collision and my breasts sway back and forth precipitously. The irony has not been lost on me that the two of you have switched places. Normally he is the one who is steady and in control, but not tonight. He is fucking my ass like he is 18 again......wild and out of control. I feel his hands clench my hips harder and draw me tighter to him as he deposits his seed inside me. He is spent for the night. I roll over and kiss him. He apologizes for his comments but I tell him it is not necessary. I also tell him that he needs to sleep in the guest room tonight because we are not finished. He grabs his clothes and walks over to you and shakes the hand of my superior lover before exiting. He will not be back tonight, leaving us plenty of time to be together.

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