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Mingler's Club is the first BYOB, on-premise lifestyle club in Brevard County. Mingler's is a modern day, upscale, sexually charged, private "lifestyle" club where consenting adults come to mingle, dance and engage with each other. Mingler's allows its members the freedom to express themselves in the sexiest of attitudes and attire. Mingler's accommodates all levels of "lifestyle" experiences and interests in a non-pressure, safe, sane, and drama free environment. 

We are a club run by swingers for swingers. As always, YES means YES, and NO means NO. Mingler's is the perfectly safe, no pressure and friendly environment for your pleasure(s).

Mingler's provides:

* Juice bar that contains all mixers needed served by several bar maids. Bar maids will NOT handle any alcohol.
* Video DJ through a superb surround sound with an accompanying laser light show and dance floor.
* High top tables with bar stools, tables and chairs, and wrap around couches for seating.
* Rules room with comfortable seating to discuss boundaries or simply a no-pressure room to just be more private.
* Five (5) Private and Themed Rooms with custom furniture.
* One (1) Fetish Room with all the amenities with more to come.
* Non-smoking environment. Outside smoking area available.
* Parking is available both in front of the club, and in a very discreet rear location!

Membership Information: 

$10 per couple/single for a membership. Membership is valid for 30 days from date of purchase and can and SHOULD be used as many times as possible in that 30 day period. ;-)

** No Drugs * No Prostitution * No Cameras * No Recording Devices * No Exceptions **

Please call, or email for more info: